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Our Vission:
To provide selfless quality services to the society in the field of Health Care, Education and Rural Empowerment especially for total management of Cancer, Assistance and Vocational Guidance to students, Empowering Rural population with an expansive & all inclusive vision for the betterment of the society at large.


Our Mission:

Health care.......... Educational support.......... Rural empowerment

Shraddha Foundation strives to manage Cancer Care through providing following services :

Prevention of cancer through regular Awareness & Detection camps.
Non Medical assistance in Tata Memorial Centre & other hospitals.
Provide accommodation to poor patients and their attendants in Shelter Homes on free /marginal charges.
Counseling cancer patients and their relatives.
Financial assistance to the extent feasible.

In the field of education Shraddha Foundation is providing scholarships & financial assistance to poor & meritorious students as well as professional guidance for vocational training & career development.

Shraddha Foundation is taking efforts for empowering rural population of the society at large.

Sign & Symptoms of Cancer :

Lump or swelling in the body
Wound that does not heal
Recent change in wart/mole
Unusal bleeding or secretion
Change in urinary or bowel habits
Nagging cough or hoarseness in voice
Difficulty in swallowing or digestion

Celebration of Shraddha Divas
with Pediatric Cancer Patients.



Common Cancers

Oral cavity, throat and food pipe cancer
Breast cancer
Cervix cancer
Lung cancer
Blood cancer
In case of any suspicion about cancer and for diagnosis and guidance regarding cancer management.
Contact your nearest Public Health Centre/Charitable Health Centre District Hospital or Govt. Medical College.
For residents of Mumbai - Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai or any Municipal Hospitals.
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